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CEO of Uber pursues for support from a peer to take care of the venture

The behemoth of the ride-hailing industry Uber is in the process of seeking help. It might appear to be a bit off the hook, as the company is at present doing a great business. There is a particular factor which cannot go unnoticed, the company has been facing way too many accusations against it and in fact, it has become a common thing in the recent times.

Uber has been helping millions of people across the world to be able to commute to different locations in their day to day at affordable prices. It has been around 7 years since they have started their business in the peer-peer sharing economy field. Now, we can see that they have reached the heights where no one could have ever thought that the company would really make it.

It is true that they did manage to overcome all the obstacles, hardships and downfalls along the way to the success. In the recent times, the company planned to expand its business, so as to serve the people in a better way. Uber decided to go ahead and start testing the self-driven cars, but soon it was condemned by the state regulators and unfortunately it ended up seizing the program.

On the flip side, the officials and the state regulators came into terms with each other and the permit to test those cars were granted by the DMV regulators. We can clearly see that the company is trying to have its business in a good phase. Unfortunately, things are not happening according to the ways they wanted it to happen.

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of the company recently made a statement that they are in search of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) who can help them to lead and run the company in a better way. The company has been accused of the ways in which they are applying their entrepreneurship skills and the sophistication in which they are running the business.

It is that Kalanick has applied hostile ways in bringing up the company to this stature and now we can say that the company follows a completely different fashion of performing the tasks at their business. There have been many different kinds of speculations made against the company. To list out a few of the scenarios, combative conversations with the officials of the state and cities, a warning to the journalist by the senior officials, expel the demanding drivers.

There was a speculation made by an ex-employee of the company, stating that the workspace environment was not a harmonious one and it was subjected to sexual harassment and gender inequality as well. These speculations are just a few, out of the hundreds made against the company. This act makes us think the ability and conduct of the head of a company and the firm itself.

This has led to the customer recoil the service and the investors having concerns over investing the company on a further note. Kalanick stated that, if the company has another person to lead it with their own perceptions and tactics, then we can say that the things might change over a period of time and the speculations which were made might fade away as well.

In a recent blog, the CEO stated that he is searching for a COO, a peer who can help them out with their venture in the near future. Apart from that, Kalanick also stated that he thinks that he should change himself and the tactics in which he is handling the business. He also willing accepted the fact that, at present, he is in need of help to run the company and organize in a better way.

The aid which Kalanick would like to have for the organization has been clearly mentioned as a seasoned one. Apart from that factor, there is another specification which has been, it is said that the firm a female COO preferably. The requirement also has stated that the person who will be involved will need to get the company out of the extensive indentation.

There is another factor; it is not only seeking for help to get the company out of the mess. Kalanick has stated that he would like to have a few business confidants who can train him for the betterment of the business. Details about these were revealed when a video showed Kalanick stating that he would improvise the ways in which it would help the company to grow in a better way.

Sheryl Sandberg is an outstanding female executive at Uber, and it is said that the board directors are planning to bring her in to direct the company with her expertise. Kalanick has other plans as well, it is said that he wants to bring the Walt Disney’s ex-COO Tom Staggs and an executive from CVS Helena Foulkes. Meanwhile, there is another place which the company making an attempt to fill in the board, which is the Google executive David Drummond.

This is not the first time; something of this kind is happening, back in the year 2008, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s made an attempt to bring then Google’s Sheryl Sandberg for the betterment of FB, as then the company was going through a rough patch and he was seeking for help.

It is said that one of the board members which is Arianna Huffington and the HR chief Liane Hornsey are into creating a brand new routine and rules of the organization. The accusation which was made by the former employee of the company is under the investigation and we can expect a hearing for the concerned case in around 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, this particular accusation against by an ex-employee has made two of the senior executives of the company to quit from their respective positions in the firm. As the search for the COO is going on, it is said that there are many potential profiles which the leads at the company need to look into, before they go ahead and decide on selecting the right person.

The company is under scrutiny and a whole of speculations against it, thus it is essential that they are selecting one of a kind for the company. It is true that Uber has come a long way though it hard to go through a lot of issues from different parts of the world in different ways. They were able to hold the top most place in the industry and have really maintained created a lot of investment returns as well.

This initiative is predominantly to clear all the speculations and allegations which have been made against Uber. In recent times we can clearly see that the company has been losing a lot, there has been a huge revenue loss for Uber in 2016. It can be said that 2017 has not started on a real good note for the firm, since the beginning of the year until now, there have been innumerable speculations being made against the company.

One of the facts is that in the past, the organization did go through a rough patch and happened to get through with it. Kalanick’s this particular move might take the organization into a new and promising direction. We may expect the company to change its way and provide the service to the people in a much better way. Focusing on providing a great customer service is alone would do no good, employees are the assets of the organization, it is important that they are treated well as well. In the near future, Uber will be led by a new COO along with the CEO and it might be a reloaded version of Uber. Fingers crossed!!!


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